Brioni Faith Bio:

Brioni Faith is a NZ born singer-songwriter living on the Gold Coast of Australia. Brioní's music is a stunning blend of vocal trance, electro and industrial with big atmosphere and uplifting beats. 

"Brioni Faith beams life, the very essence of why music makes us happy." ~ Nick Collings, UPFM, RipItUp Magazine.

As an adopted child, Brioni grew up as a shy little girl - who found her expression and voice through music. Picking up piano at the age of 4, music was a place that always felt like home for Brioni. After finishing school, and a year at University, Brioni tried her hand at a few different jobs, but nothing seemed to stick. One day, when she'd finally had enough of a job she couldn't stand any longer - she made a firm decision that she simply HAD to do something with her music. That day changed the course of her life.

So far in 2016 Brioni has released Single #10 through Get On Down Records called Need To Change; a collaboration with Robotikah and JJ Speedbomb. Since her 1st release Falling, all of Brioni's tracks have had a lot of support from the major dance stations through Australia and NZ, and being the presenter of a long-standing internet radio show, Brioni has had the opportunity promote her releases to over 120,000 fans across the world.

"Just when you think Brioni Faith has sent you a track that kills it at our station, she surprises me every release - as I think how will Brioni top the last single? All I can say is #Bfaith." ~ Jay Bangers, Owner and Presenter KixxRadio, host at Fresh FM Adelaide.

Brioni's music continues to grow as well as her collection of music videos. Calling herself a bit of a "Creative Junkie," Brioni began producing her own music videos along with the release of Falling. When getting ideas for dance sequences to go with her release Cyber Sex - Brioni came across "Industrial Dance" and fell in love with it. The fashion was already something she naturally gravitated towards, and the dance itself went so perfectly with her music that it was a natural fit!

Brioni's YouTube Channel has had significant growth since she has made Industrial Dance such a feature in her videos. Making her releases interactive is something that inspires Brioni a great deal, and she loves sharing the spotlight with the incredible dancers she has the privilege of working with around the world. You are welcome to join Brioni's Facebook Group where she connects with Industrial Dancers to be part of upcoming projects, and to share the love of this form of dance. Brioni is committed to creating an Industrial Dance Video at least once a year - so stay tuned for the next project!
Currently Brioni is focussed on music for an upcoming album release, as well as her live show. Brioni's show has a fresh new flavour and is all about bringing live performance and the true essence of the word "show" back to the clubs. Her show is dynamic and uplifting, involves incredible visuals, and Brioni describes it as: "Being invited inside one of my music videos." Her music ranges from thumping beats to atmospheric trance - and of course a touch of industrial!

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