I'm super inspired to share the next Industrial Dance Video Project with you!

The title of this project is:

“Brioni Faith - Industrial Dance Video Project"

There will be 2 VIDEOS at the end of this project, one for the German Version, and one for the English Version. I would love to bring together as many dancers as possible from all over the world!

There is no limit on numbers - the purpose of these videos is to share the inspiration of industrial dance! Register for the project with your email address (right) and you will receive a sample of the song!

Dancers will become part of the Official Music Videos for TANZEN - and/or the English Version "THE DANCE."

So bring your passion and your unique style to this video! We want it to be powerful and high energy! This will be best suited to individuals, but group videos may be accepted for the English version if there is choreography involved.

Have fun! Thank you for being part of it!


Register by Email to be part of the Project!

You will receive a sample of the song to record to!
All dancers must be 18+

You will need to read the  Terms and Conditions

By submitting a video to this project - you are stating that you have read these. Thank you!

If you would like to follow the developments of the video you can join the Facebook Group here: 

Brioni Faith Industrial Dance - Facebook Group

Stay tuned for the official video and the official release! Thank you for supporting the project!